Overview: Julia makes her debut at Spring Cookie-A-Thon as both an instructor and a sponsor. For those not in the know, Cookie-A-Thon is the world’s largest online cookie decorating event, spanning four days (March 30 to April 2) and including over 50 demos and 37 hours of instruction. In her 30-minute demo, Julia will share various tips and tricks for achieving picture-perfect airbrushed and stenciled cookies by creating one or more spring-themed cookie designs. She’ll pay special attention to: (1) her signature masking and layering techniques using her Dynamic Duos™ and Prettier Plaques™ stencil designs; (2) precision-control airbrushing using multiple colors in a single stencil; and (3) use of various stenciled mediums (such as wafer paper, rice paper, fondant, and royal icing transfers) to lend interest and dimension to cookies. At the end of the demo, Julia plans to put on her sponsor cap and offer some incredible product savings to all attendees!

Skill Level: All levels; again, this event is a demo – the more, the merrier!

Prerequisites: No cookie decorating or airbrushing experience is necessary.

What You’ll Learn (~7 Techniques):

  • Cookie design with layered stencils
  • Airbrush handling 101 (dual- vs. single-action systems; quick-connect adaptors for multicolor applications; triggering basics; troubleshooting common issues such as speckling, intermittent spray, overspray, and underspray)
  • Precision-control airbrushing and stenciling, particularly in multicolor stencil designs
  • Color blending 101 (aka conscious color commingling)
  • Airbrush shading
  • Fondant appliqués
  • Wafer paper and other embellishments

Schedule and Other Notes: Julia’s demo is on March 30, starting at 11:30 am CT, though there are nearly 50 other presentations that are not to be missed. The live four-day event is free; however, with the purchase of an All-Access Pass, attendees can gain early access to demo materials and year-long access to event recordings. For more information, visit the Cookie-A-Thon site under the “REGISTER NOW!” button.