Overview: In this two-day, hands-on Zoom class, Julia will guide students step by step through the decorating and construction of a smaller version of her popular 3-D Christmas candelabra cookie (depicted below). Just think – you too can make this show-stopping edible holiday centerpiece! Over the course of 10 hours of instruction, students will gain experience with over 14 techniques, ranging from formulating dough for 3-D baking to dipping, airbrushing, and final assembly. In addition to the tremendous learning that’s characteristic of all of her classes, Julia also has special sessions planned for VIPs (where they’ll make edible candles for the candelabra) and assorted product discounts and perks for everyone. And, of course, if you can’t make the class live, it will be recorded and available for you to enjoy whenever you like.

Skill Level: All levels; the more students, the merrier! Julia will tailor her pace and instruction so that even beginning decorators can follow along.

Prerequisites: No 3-D cookie experience is necessary, though experience and comfort with royal icing and airbrushing will be quite helpful.

What You’ll Learn (~14+ Techniques):

  • Formulating dough for 3-D baking
  • Contoured cookies (domes and shallow cups)
  • Embossed cookies (and embossed/contoured franken-cookies; that is, cookies altered with reductive or additive methods)
  • Molded cookies
  • Dipping contoured cookies
  • Stenciling with an airbrush
  • Spraying and sponging textured cookies
  • 2-D and contoured royal icing transfers
  • 3-D royal icing pine cones
  • Rubber-stamped fondant trim
  • Piping on contoured cookies (with royal icing consistencies for perfect lines and beadwork)
  • Shading with an airbrush
  • 3-D assembly techniques (both with and without internal supports)
  • Extruded fondant candles with bonus decorations (VIPs ONLY)

Other Notes: Students must supply their own tools and cookies if they want to follow along with Julia. Detailed supply lists, recipes, and class outlines will be sent automatically as soon as you register on Eventbrite, Julia’s event platform, so look for that confirmation email! It will direct you to Julia’s “online event page” on Eventbrite where you’ll find links to all of the info needed for class. And, remember, if you can’t make the live class, registration also gives you forever-access to the class video recordings.

To Register: Registration is now open! Ticket information and further class details (including class giveaways valued at over $350) can be found on Eventbrite under the “LEARN MORE” link on this page. Be sure to take advantage of early bird pricing before November 26. With code EARLYBIRD, you’ll get 15% off both ticket types: general admission and VIP.

Project Photos: Again, due to the relatively limited class time, students will be making a slightly scaled-down version of this project with the two hemispheres (and other cookies) in the middle, but without the cookie box at the bottom.