Julia Usher


February 8 - 9 | All Day
Talal’s Cake Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait
In the first of her overseas classes of 2019, Julia travels to Kuwait to teach this two-day 3-D cookie course featuring two extraordinary cookie boxes. Students will create one version of each of the box styles, with minor style variations as they desire. Techniques covered will include: Contouring and embossing dough, outlining and flooding, dipping, edible cake lace, needlepoint, airbrushing, stenciling, 2-D transfers, 3-D rose transfers, spraying, sponging, fondant trims, border and finishing techniques, and 3-D mitered and sandwiched cookie construction. For pricing and registration: Please contact Julia’s host Talal by calling 96594455259 or emailing thecakery66@yahoo.com.

March 20 - 23 | All Day
CookieCon, Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA
Join Julia at CookieCon 2019, the US’s largest cookie-only convention, where she will be one of the core presenters and demoing/lecturing on the topic of 3-D cookie decorating and construction techniques. She’ll also be demoing airbrushing and stenciling during the open decorating session on Saturday. The event is sold out, but information about being placed on the waiting list can be found here.

April 26 - 28 | All Day
SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, Miami, Florida, USA
Julia returns to SoFlo for her fourth year! Once again, she will be selling her wonderful JULIA stencil sets and demoing airbrushing and stenciling techniques all three days. For more information about the event, visit the SoFlo site here.

May 18 - 19 | All Day
The Wilton School of Cake Decorating & Confectionery Art, Darien, Illinois, USA
Take your cookie decorating skills to new levels with Julia in this two-day, spring-themed cookie baking and decorating course. During the first day, students will bake all of the cookies needed to make a gorgeous flower-filled 3-D basket and one to two 2-D cookies featuring piped needlepoint and stamped appliqué decorations. In addition to learning how to contour, emboss, and mold cookies on Day One, students will gain hands-on experience mixing royal icing and adjusting it to the proper consistency for various tasks. On Day Two, the decorating fun begins with lessons on edible cake lace, edible papers, piped roses, 2-D royal icing transfers, needlepoint, stamping, modeling chocolate and fondant appliqués, dusting, painting, and more! The class concludes with instruction in 3-D construction and the assembly of the basket! For more information and registration, visit The Wilton School site here.

Julia still has a few teaching slots available in 2019. Please contact her soon to schedule your class, as space is filling fast!