Julia Usher

Julia Living it Up at a Media Event

Julia Living it Up at a Media Event
Photo by Susan Jackson

If you’re seeking more information about Julia for an interview or decorating class, or to promote a Cookie Swap or Ultimate Cookies event, you’re in the right spot! Here, you’ll find links to standard press kit materials – bios of various lengths, high res head shots, and book images – as well as sample recipes and other promotional materials to use as invitations, handouts, or posters.

Please, please heed the following housekeeping rules when using these materials:

  • Images may be used in any promotional material, but the photographer indicated in the file name must be attributed. All images are copyrighted.
  • Recipes are provided strictly for the purposes of preparing food for Julia’s events; they too are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or distributed without permission from Julia and her publisher.

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For additional information, contact:
Julia M. Usher
Cell: 314-960-2712