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"This really is the ULTIMATE cookie book. Whimsical, elegant, colorful, and creative!! What more could you ask for? You will not be disappointed.”

Colette Peters

Celebrity Cake Decorator; Owner, Colette's Cakes


Jul 06, 2019 8:48am

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
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You’ll want to savor Cookie Swap and Ultimate Cookies chapter by chapter and cover to cover to fully appreciate what all the rave is about. But in the meantime, here’s what the culinary and publishing elite are saying about Julia’s books.

Love for Ultimate Cookies:

“This really is the ULTIMATE cookie book. Whimsical, elegant, colorful and creative!! What more could you ask for? You will not be disappointed.”
Colette Peters
Author and Owner, Colette’s Cakes

“This time the clever cookie comes in the guise of Julia Usher. I love the fact that she has created an instructional book with clear intent, [and] thoughtful and excellent recipes topped with quality decorations. I see a lot of adequate decorating out there, but this work is inspirational. Cupcakes had better not rest on their laurels: I can easily be persuaded to put them aside when enticed by the decorative crumbs of Julia’s cookies. Beautiful book, beautiful work . . . I recommend to all edible artists.”
Kerry Vincent
Food Network Challenge Judge, Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, Author

“Julia Usher has integrated insane creativity with a passion for cookie decorating to produce one of the most inspirational sugar art books ever printed. Ultimate Cookies delivers a lip-smacking guide to creating gorgeous cookies for any season.”
Nancy Quist
President, Fancy Flours, Inc.

“Julia Usher is the most talented and creative cookie decorator I know. Her techniques are flawless, as are her beautiful cookies, and this book is the ultimate reference for beginners as well as seasoned cookie decorators. Flip through these pages and you’ll soon find yourself in the kitchen, creating awe-inspiring edible works of art and decorating like a pro.”
Tish Boyle
Editor, Dessert Professional and author of The Good Cookie and The Cake Book

“Astonishingly beautiful cookie creations with effective, user-friendly explanations make Ultimate Cookies an absolute must-have resource for experienced and new decorators alike. Every page is an absolute delight!”
Marian Poirier

And more love for Cookie Swap:

“Julia Usher’s over-the-top cookies and detailed, theme-inspired swaps promise joyful sharing and sweet memories for year-round entertaining.”
Flo Braker
Author of Baking for All Occasions, The Simple Art of Perfect Baking, and Sweet Miniatures

“A cookie is one of life’s most precious, delicious gifts. Swapping them with friends is all the better. Julia Usher’s gorgeous and doable ideas inspire us not only to trade cookies at holiday time but the whole year through. Filled to the brim with mouthwatering recipes and delectable photographs, Cookie Swap is a sweet treat to savor and celebrate.”
Nancy Wall Hopkins
Deputy Food and Entertaining Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

“Julia Usher is one smart cookie…and luckily, we can now all be invited to her Cookie Swap! Her new book has it all: complete basics for beginners, everything a home baker needs to perfect the simple art of "something out of nearly nothing," and imaginative creativity for pros. Well-tested recipes are reliable, fun, and scrumptious; photos are enticing; and party ideas are both practical and budget conscious. Essential for all bakers, this excellent guide to year-round cookie swap parties is a winner.”
Susan G. Purdy
Author of Pie in the Sky

“Julia Usher’s lovely cookies will inspire you to become a dedicated cookie decorator.”
Nick Malgieri
Author of The Modern Baker, How to Bake, and Cookies Unlimited

“Encouraging Christmastime cookie swappers to up the ante with plans for eight themed swaps, Usher produces a wealth of eye-catching bakery, decoration and entertainment ideas for hosts of all experience levels. Usher’s suggestions . . . are sure to appeal to fans of the Barefoot Contessa and Martha Stewart (no surprise from the designer dessert maker whose work has appeared in Chocolatier, Better Homes and Gardens, Bon Appétit and Modern Bride).”
Publishers Weekly

"No wonder Usher — who grew up to get a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale
University, earned an MBA from Stanford University and at 47 is an accomplished
pastry chef and cookbook writer — is intent on drawing folks back to the kitchen. She knows, firsthand, the heart-filled connection that’s sparked there. And she has just the ticket to get us all baking the honest-to-goodness way."
Barbara Mahany
Food Editor, Chicago Tribune

"With its thoughtful invitation, decorating, and cookie-making suggestions, Cookie Swap reads like one giant cookie-themed Come Party With Me! Move over, Martha. This book, with its cute-named cookies, stunning food styling, and personalized party ideas, establishes Usher as a serious pastry party authority."

"There are more than 100 beautiful photographs in Cookie Swap, and Usher’s cookies are so artfully and impeccably decorated—she did all the food styling herself—that anyone with an appetite for baking or crafts is bound to be inspired, and, in addition to the highly detailed recipe and decorating instructions, that’s what makes this book so invaluable. Whether you’re a student or a pro, this book is an extremely useful guide to cookie baking and decorating and is a great addition to any culinary library."
Leite’s Culinaria

"Every recipe in this book is more than worthy of being included in a cookie swap, or given as a gift. The book provides inspiring photos with suggestions for packaging and displaying the cookies, as well as ideas for invitations that you can make to host cookie swaps throughout the year. [As for its] food porn rating: 5 [stars out of 5]. Artistically styled photos throughout the book make it fun to look through for inspiration or just to fantasize about cookies."
Food Network Canada


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